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Expecting an A
Anonymous 04/05/2019
Took this with him last semester. Really nice guy with very fair exams, he provided a past exam for each of the 3 exams to study from. Solid lecturer and was always willing to answer questions during class. Prepared you well for final exam.

Expecting a B
lilym 12/15/2018
The MATLABs for this course are actually impossible, but Zickert is a very passionate professor and you can tell he loves math. He goes pretty fast in lectures but will openly answer any questions you have in office hours. He also teaches straight from the online book which makes going back over the notes a breeze. (the online book is basically a compilation of PDFs and practice problems) Make sure to do the best you can on quizzes and other graded assignments throughout the course because the Midterms are killer. As long as you study and keep up with the material, you should earn an A or B.

Anonymous 12/13/2018
Great professor