Special Topics in American Studies; Citizens, Refugees, and Immigrants

Cross-listed with: USLT403 and IMMR419D. Credit only granted for: USLT403, AMST498N, or IMMR419D. Citizenship, Refugee and Immigrant are guiding categories that often define the Latina/o community in the United States. Employing this analytical lens, this course critically engages with notions of exclusion and inclusion, which included documentation, status, race, gender, and power. To better understand how these ideas and processes work, students are introduced to the history of Latina/o migration, US immigration policies, racial formation theory, gender construction, borderland theory, and the politics of territoriality.

Sister Courses: AMST498A, AMST498B, AMST498C, AMST498D, AMST498E, AMST498G, AMST498I, AMST498J, AMST498K, AMST498L, AMST498M, AMST498P, AMST498Q, AMST498R, AMST498V, AMST498X, AMST498Y, AMST498Z

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