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Seminar in American Studies; Black Sexualities

An interdisciplinary and intersectional seminar on black sex and sexualities in the West. We will approach sex and sexuality as charged sites of social relationssites where power, pleasure, vulnerability, abjection, violence, knowledge, and freedom are produced and negotiated. The course curriculum will include visual culture, fiction, music, histories of sexualities, black feminist theory, sociology, queer of color critique, performance theory, affect studies, critical pornography studies, and beyond.

Sister Courses: AMST628A, AMST628C, AMST628D, AMST628E, AMST628F, AMST628G, AMST628I, AMST628J, AMST628K, AMST628L, AMST628M, AMST628N, AMST628O, AMST628Q, AMST628R, AMST628T, AMST628W

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