Special Topics in Art History and Archaeology; The Art of Drawing: A Left and Right Brain Experience

This course examines Old and Modern Master Drawings, theories of drawing and drawing practice. Lectures will discuss Dr. Betty Edward's theory of a verbal, analytical Left Brain and a visual, perceptual Right Brain. As practice, students will learn to make the mental shift from left, analytical brain to right, visual brain. Class exercises are based on Betty Edward's text, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. No prior drawing experience is necessary.

Sister Courses: ARTH389, ARTH389B, ARTH389C, ARTH389D, ARTH389E, ARTH389F, ARTH389G, ARTH389I, ARTH389J, ARTH389K, ARTH389L, ARTH389M, ARTH389N, ARTH389O, ARTH389P, ARTH389Q, ARTH389R, ARTH389T, ARTH389U, ARTH389V, ARTH389W, ARTH389Y, ARTH389Z

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