Special Topics in Art History and Archaeology; Cities and the Arts

A class about three early modern cities as sites of artistic exchange, practice and production. We will study each of the three great global trade centers of Europe where new ideas, artistic forms, and material culture were constantly being introduced: Renaissance Venice, 16th-century Antwerp, and Amsterdam in its Golden Age.

Sister Courses: ARTH389, ARTH389A, ARTH389B, ARTH389C, ARTH389D, ARTH389E, ARTH389F, ARTH389I, ARTH389J, ARTH389K, ARTH389L, ARTH389M, ARTH389N, ARTH389O, ARTH389P, ARTH389Q, ARTH389R, ARTH389T, ARTH389U, ARTH389V, ARTH389W, ARTH389Y, ARTH389Z

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