Special Topics in Bioengineering; Cardiovascular Engineering

Prereqs: BIOE120, BIOE241, MATH246, BIOE331, BIOE340. An overview of engineering applications in the cardiovascular system. Covers cardiovascular anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology in the context of cell and tissue mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, biotransport, neurovascular coupling, and imaging. Includes design of cardiovascular devices, sensors, biomaterials, and tissue engineered constructs.

Sister Courses: BIOE489A, BIOE489B, BIOE489C, BIOE489D, BIOE489F, BIOE489G, BIOE489H, BIOE489I, BIOE489J, BIOE489K, BIOE489M, BIOE489N, BIOE489O, BIOE489P, BIOE489Q, BIOE489R, BIOE489T, BIOE489U, BIOE489W, BIOE489X, BIOE489Y, BIOE489Z

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