Selected Topics in Biology; Natural History, Ecology, and Geology of Alaska

This travel-study course to Alaska will focus on Alaskan culture, history, ecology, and geology. Students will do some research on animals and plants we will encounter there as well as the impact of fishing, mining, timbering, climate change, and tourism on the land and people. Final projects will be due once we return to College Park. The actual trip will last about two weeks and take place in the summer. There will be several pre-trip orientation meetings in the spring and post-trip meetings in the fall. Students are selected by application and must pay a program fee to cover transportation, lodging, food, and activities. For more information, contact Dr. Reid Compton ( (Sponsoring Dept.: BIOL.) Acceptible towards Biology Sciences Specializations ECEV and GENB (Ecology, Behavior, and Organismal Area).

Sister Courses: BSCI339A, BSCI339B, BSCI339D, BSCI339E, BSCI339F, BSCI339G, BSCI339I, BSCI339J, BSCI339L, BSCI339O, BSCI339P, BSCI339Q, BSCI339R, BSCI339S, BSCI339T, BSCI339V, BSCI339W, BSCI339X, BSCI339Y, BSCI339Z

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