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Selected Topics in Biology; Cellular Mechanisms of Aging and Disease

This course will explore the cellular mechanisms underlying aging and a variety of noninfectious diseases and disorders ranging from diabetes and obesity to Alzheimer's and various cancers. In addition to lectures, students will read and discuss relevant primary and secondary literature. Assessments will include student-led discussion of primary literature and group presentations of disease topics.

Sister Courses: BSCI339A, BSCI339B, BSCI339C, BSCI339D, BSCI339E, BSCI339F, BSCI339G, BSCI339J, BSCI339K, BSCI339L, BSCI339O, BSCI339P, BSCI339Q, BSCI339R, BSCI339T, BSCI339V, BSCI339W, BSCI339X, BSCI339Y, BSCI339Z

Spring 2022

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