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Principles of Organic Chemistry I

Prerequisite: CHEM131, CHEM135, or CHEM146; and (CHEM132, CHEM136, or CHEM147); and a grade of C- or better in the prerequisites is required of College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences majors and recommended for all students. Or permission of CMNS-Chemistry & Biochemistry department. Restriction: Must be in one of the following programs (Chemistry; Biochemistry) ; or must be in a major in ENGR-A. James Clark School of Engineering. Credit only granted for: CHEM233, (CHEM231 and CHEM232), or CHEM237. The chemistry of carbons: aliphatic compounds, aromatic compounds, stereochemistry, arenes, halides, alcohols, esters, and spectroscopy. Students must pay a $40.00 lab materials fee.

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