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Capstone Design Project; Electric Bikes

Prerequisites: ENEE303, ENEE322, ENEE150 or CMSC216. Electrical or Computer Engineering senior status. Recommended Co-requisites: ENEE474, ENEE463, ENEE426, ENEE440, or ENEE459V. A capstone course on the design of safe, light and utilitarian electric bikes for personal transportation. It is systems level and will make use of a combination of off-the-shelf and custom-made components. These vehicles must meet either one of these design challenges such as extended range superior terrain climbing capability. In addition, the vehicle must contain a plethora of wireless sensors for safety and convenience, such as GPS, on-board cameras, theft deterrent systems, communications and navigation. It must be able to operate under different road conditions, at all hours and even in slightly inclement weather.

Sister Courses: ENEE408A, ENEE408C, ENEE408D, ENEE408E, ENEE408G, ENEE408I, ENEE408K, ENEE408L, ENEE408M, ENEE408T, ENEE408U

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