Reviews for professors for FMSC260

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Elise Resnick
Expecting an A+
Anonymous 08/09/2020
Dr. Resnick is such a sweet professor! She's great at explaining course content. She makes it fun! The course content was extremely interesting because I could apply what I learned to everyday life (not just couple relationships). She makes you read the book The Five Love Languages, which is a super easy read but I found it so interesting and just wanting to read more!
Elise Resnick
Expecting an A
Anonymous 04/14/2011
She's a really cool professor. She's really knowledgable and she engages the class in every discussion. Her exams are pretty easy. She gives extra points at the very beginning of the semester just for going in during her office hours to tell her why you're interested in taking the class. There's a 5 page paper about a book. There are some questions about the book on the last exam so make sure you read at least some of it. She gives a group (pair) project at the end of the semester which is so easy! You just present one topic to the class by role playing. She's a really nice person and she lets you know that she's always available to her students. If you take the class, take it with her.