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Special Topics in Government and Politics; U.S. Foreign Policy and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Cross-listed with ISRL349F. Credit only granted for ISRL349F or GVPT368A. Students who attended the course "The United States and Israel: Likely or Unlikely Allies?" (ISRL329N or GVPT368B) may not enroll in this course. What are the U.S. interests in the Middle East? Who and what defines these interests, or how to pursue them diplomatically and militarily? The Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a defining feature of the modern Middle East and it unquestionably has a significant impact on U.S. domestic politics and international leadership. Given those realities, this course will examine how U.S. foreign and security affecting the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict is made and how it shapes and determines the realities on the ground, as well as the prospects for its peaceful resolution.

Sister Courses: GVPT368B, GVPT368C, GVPT368D, GVPT368E, GVPT368F, GVPT368G, GVPT368I, GVPT368J, GVPT368K, GVPT368L, GVPT368N, GVPT368P

Spring 2022

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