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Special Topics in Government and Politics; American Jewry and Public Policy

Jointly offered with GVPT368N. Credit only granted for JWST429M or GVPT368N. An examination of the contours of American Jewry and its engagement in public policy. Focus will be on historical development, Jewish political thought, organizational and representation structures. Areas of specific concern include Israel and foreign policy, as well as domestic topics, including electoral politics. A number of in- depth case studies will be examined.

Sister Courses: GVPT368A, GVPT368B, GVPT368C, GVPT368D, GVPT368E, GVPT368F, GVPT368G, GVPT368I, GVPT368J, GVPT368K, GVPT368L, GVPT368P

Spring 2022

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