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Seminar in International Relations and World Politics; Race and International Relations

Prerequisite: GVPT200 & GVPT201 Restriction: Must be in Government & Politics program or Government & Politics: International Relations program. This course is designed to rethink the academic field of international relations and the theoretical thinking that has shaped it. It explores the field's major schools of thought, issues, concepts, and debates, but takes a particular focus on theories and research from the perspective of global race relations. It challenges assumptions of the global world order and examines some of the important implications for policy. Particularly, it looks at the causes of conflict and cooperation among international actors, the role of international institutions, the interaction of domestic and foreign policies, and major issues in security, economy and the environment from many different global perspectives.

Sister Courses: GVPT409, GVPT409A, GVPT409C, GVPT409D, GVPT409E, GVPT409F, GVPT409G, GVPT409H, GVPT409I, GVPT409J, GVPT409K, GVPT409L, GVPT409M, GVPT409N, GVPT409O, GVPT409P, GVPT409Q, GVPT409R, GVPT409T, GVPT409U, GVPT409V, GVPT409W, GVPT409X, GVPT409Y, GVPT409Z

Fall 2021

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