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Special Topics in History; Visual Cultures of Islam

Crosslisted with ARTH389L, AAST298B, PERS298E, and RELS219E. Credit granted for HIST219E, ARTH389L, AAST298B, PERS298E, or RELS219E. Visual Cultures of Islam is part of the Digital Islamic Studies Curriculum ( This course is taught by renowned University of Michigan instructor Christiane Gruber, an expert in the field of Islamic Art, and digitally shared with the University of Maryland. In this course, Professor Gruber explores definitions of "Islamic" art and investigates various visual cultures of Islam around the world from the 7th to the 20th century. The course meets twice a week in real time using video conferencing technology and students are able to enroll directly at Maryland for course credit.

Sister Courses: HIST219B, HIST219C, HIST219F, HIST219G, HIST219I, HIST219J, HIST219K, HIST219M, HIST219N, HIST219O, HIST219P, HIST219Q, HIST219R, HIST219T, HIST219V, HIST219W, HIST219X, HIST219Y, HIST219Z

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