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Special Topics in History; Archeology and History of Palestine: Neolithic to Muhammed

Cross-listed with RELS219G. Credit granted for RELS219G or HIST219M. This class covers the archaeology and history of the Southern Levant, and surrounding regions, from before the time of the earliest cities to the arrival of Islam. Course introduces the discipline of archaeology, both in general, and as a means to investigate the important cultural, political, social, and religious developments that shaped this part of the Mediterranean world.

Sister Courses: HIST219B, HIST219C, HIST219E, HIST219F, HIST219G, HIST219I, HIST219J, HIST219K, HIST219N, HIST219O, HIST219P, HIST219Q, HIST219R, HIST219T, HIST219V, HIST219W, HIST219X, HIST219Y, HIST219Z

Fall 2020

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