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Introduction to Humanities, Health, and Medicine

Restriction: Permission of ARHU-School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures department. Cross-listed with: ARHU230, ENGL254, WGSS230. Credit only granted for: ARHU230 , ENGL289C, ENGL254, ARHU298A, or HIST219N. An overview of the historical, cultural, ethical, and spiritual dimensions of medicine, human health, disease, and death from the points of view of various humanistic disciplines.

Sister Courses: HIST219B, HIST219C, HIST219E, HIST219F, HIST219G, HIST219I, HIST219J, HIST219K, HIST219M, HIST219O, HIST219P, HIST219Q, HIST219R, HIST219T, HIST219V, HIST219W, HIST219X, HIST219Y, HIST219Z

Spring 2021

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