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The Israeli Settler Movement: The Road to One State?

Cross-listed with: ISRL329G, JWST319N. Credit only granted for: HIST329G, ISRL329G or JWST319N. An exploration of the Israeli settler movement in the West Bank and its rise to prominence in Israeli politics in the last two decades. We will also examine how the success of the settlers influences the prospects of a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as the merit of claims that Israel-Palestine is already under a "one-state" reality.

Sister Courses: HIST329A, HIST329B, HIST329C, HIST329D, HIST329E, HIST329F, HIST329I, HIST329J, HIST329K, HIST329L, HIST329M, HIST329O, HIST329P, HIST329Q, HIST329R, HIST329V, HIST329W, HIST329X, HIST329Y, HIST329Z

Fall 2020

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