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Special Topics in History; Religious & Political Transformations in Modern Jewish History

Cross-listed with JWST319V. Credit only granted for HIST329F or JWST319V. This course will analyze the social, cultural, and political forces that led to the emancipation of the Jews the granting to them of equal rights with all other inhabitants of the countries in which they lived and the integration of a once-detested ethnic-religious group into European society. The focus of the course will be Europe from 1650 to 1870.

Sister Courses: HIST329A, HIST329B, HIST329C, HIST329D, HIST329E, HIST329G, HIST329I, HIST329J, HIST329K, HIST329L, HIST329M, HIST329O, HIST329P, HIST329Q, HIST329R, HIST329V, HIST329W, HIST329X, HIST329Y, HIST329Z

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