Collaborative Studio I: Image + Time

Prerequisite: IMDM227 and ARTT255. Restriction: Restricted to Immersive Media Design Students. Additional information: Priority in enrollment will be given to students in IMDM(BS and BA) program. Concept-driven and team-based collaborative studio course in which students work together in groups to create intellectually engaging and technically innovative works of Immersive Media Design. Student teams will combine their skill sets, technical and artistic, to produce creative works that combine image manipulation, generative images, creation, image and animation output technologies, video and audio recording, manipulation and production, and other forms of digital media assets that can be integrated into immersive media pipelines such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and other interactive forms. In working collaboratively, student teams will use team and assest management processes and tools that reflects contemporary practices in the fields of art, design, software, and the creative industries.

Spring 2023

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Spring 2022

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