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Expecting an A-
fellowterp2022 01/21/2019
Great professor, very well-spoken, knowledgeable, and passionate about the subject matter. Fun, informative class on design and current issues concerning design, cultures, and creativity. Sometimes writing rubrics were unclear on how much elaboration on a particular piece of criteria was necessary to achieve full marks.

Expecting an A
OtG 03/21/2012
Dr. Farman is a good and pretty engaging lecturer, and had some interesting and occasionally profound things to say every class. The course load (especially the readings) for HDCC209B was greater than I expected, but not completely unmanageable. He's a nice guy who encourages conversation in class as opposed to talking at his students, but unfortunately he suffers the common humanities shortcoming of having nebulous expectations on assignments, which can lead to some disappointments when it comes to grading.

Anonymous 12/10/2011
Dr. Farman is a great professor! Lectures were extremely interesting and engaging, and I can definitely say I've come out of this class learning a lot and with a new perspective on how mobile devices influence our lives. There were iPad "quizzes" every lecture, but they were easy if you did the weekly assigned reading, which was reasonable, and overall, the course load was manageable. We did many fun activities like going out geocaching, and creating our own mobile media narratives. Definitely take a class with Dr. Farman if you have a chance!