Reviews for professors for JOUR130

Professor Information Review
Amber Moore
Expecting an A
StrawberryCupcake5 12/21/2019
She is amazing! Such a great speaker and person. We had a total of 6 presentations and one big final paper, but the topics were interesting. She will definitely help you improve you communication and presentation skills. You'll get an A if you do the work and participate. This class was a life-changing experience; I would take her again if I could!
Kelly Stepno
Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/06/2019
Really a great teacher, class with her was fun and enjoyable. would take her again if I needed another class in the area
Kelly Stepno
Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/19/2018
JOUR130 is a great class to take and as long as you put some effort in, you should get an A. Professor Stepno is really knowledgeable in her field of work and it helps a lot in trying to understand the topic presented in this class. You will definitely learn a lot of useful information too.
Alison Burns
Expecting an A+
Anonymous 11/20/2017
Best teacher, class was relaxed and did not have a lot of work.
Cassandra Clayton
Expecting an A-
Anonymous 12/13/2015
Her class is enjoyable, but she noticeably like this one ass-sucker and gives him extra points while some people get points off for pronouncing her name wrong. Also she changes her mind so much and can be rude. She always gave me this look whenever I had a question about my quiz, she would be like "Yes you are here for the grades, AGAIN". I liked her at first and then by the end of the semester, I hated her.