Special Topics in Jewish Studies; Special Topics in Jewish Life: Jewish Humor from Shetl to Seinfeld

We examine a broad range of Jewish Humor in literature, press, comics, television, on stage and in film. The course includes aspects of Yiddish and American Jewish studies, anthropology, ethnic studies, and more. The aim of the course is to encourage students to discuss and critically engage with each of the works included on the syllabus in an attempt to answer the following: What is Jewish humor? What is it made of and how to define it? Does it stem essentially from the experience of an ex-territorial repressed minority? What will become of it in the Israeli state? How do these questions relate to issues of ethnic humor in general? This course does not require proficiency of any foreign language or any specific historical knowledge.

Sister Courses: JWST219A, JWST219F, JWST219G, JWST219J, JWST219L, JWST219M, JWST219O, JWST219Q, JWST219T

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