Special Topics in Kinesiology; Quantitative Methods in Cognitive Motor Behavior

Restriction: Must have earned a minimun of 75 credits. This is an introductory MATLAB course for beginners or persons with little or no background in programming. This course teaches computer programming and basic quantitative techniques for time-series data including various examples from multiple fields (but not limited to) such as cognitive motor neuroscience, biomechanics, bioengineering, psychology, biology, signal processing, etc. MATLAB is a very popular computer programming language and tool for algorithm development, numeric computation, as well as data analysis and visualization. One of the goals of this courseis to allow students with little or no background in computer programming to gain a proficiency in programming that will enable them to fully engage in algorithm development as well as data processing and visualization along with an introduction of some basic techniques for time-series analysis.

Sister Courses: KNES498, KNES498A, KNES498C, KNES498D, KNES498F, KNES498G, KNES498J, KNES498K, KNES498L, KNES498N, KNES498T, KNES498V, KNES498W, KNES498Y

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