Special Topics in Persian Studies; Art by Iranian Women

Visual, performing and music art are used to examine Iranian women s reflections on their everyday life as well as their responses to various sources of power (patriarchy, religion, and ideology). Following a short sampling of significant practices before the 1950s, the course primarily looks at the contemporary Iranian women's artistic creations and the intentions and processes behind them.We examine how multimedia art forms (dance, theatre, cinema, painting, digital art, andmusic) empower Iranian women to practice theiridentity and exercise their agency as these aspects intersect with race,ethnicity, class, sexuality, ability, and education in a shifting and multilayered context. Taught in English.

Sister Courses: PERS398A, PERS398B, PERS398C, PERS398D, PERS398E, PERS398G, PERS398L, PERS398M, PERS398P, PERS398Q, PERS398R

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