Special Topics; Landscape Genetics

This course covers basic theory underlying the field of landscape genetics and demonstrates application of that theory in real cases. Landscape genetics is a multidisciplinary field at the intersection of population genetics and landscape ecology. In this blended course, lectures will be given remotely by some of the leaders in the field. Lectures will be followed by local discussion and then a summary online discussion with classes at the other universities. You must attend the local class meeting and participate in the discussions. There will be some homework assignments created by the instructors that you will turn in locally. An optional lab section (PLSC689L) is offered to provide hands on use of statistical techniques used to analyze landscape genetic data.

Sister Courses: PLSC689A, PLSC689C, PLSC689D, PLSC689E, PLSC689F, PLSC689G, PLSC689L, PLSC689N, PLSC689W, PLSC689Z

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