Special Topics; Plant Science and Entomology: Safeguarding American Agriculture

Cross-listed with ENTM699A. Credit only granted for PLSC689A or ENTM699A. Some lectures will be virtual. Please see instructor for details. Protecting U.S. agriculture from invasive pests and diseases relies on science-based policy, along with: International partnerships; Federal and State infrastructure to support plant health; a regulatory framework; and a skilled workforce. Students will learn and explore issues in entomology and plant health that inform every step along the continuum, including trade negotiations, international agreements, pre-clearance programs, prevention strategies, interdiction and enforcement, surveillance, treatments, pest and disease control and eradication, resistance and recovery.

Sister Courses: PLSC689C, PLSC689D, PLSC689E, PLSC689F, PLSC689G, PLSC689K, PLSC689L, PLSC689N, PLSC689W, PLSC689Z

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