Advanced Special Topics in Psychology; History of Psychology

A comprehensive overview of the history of psychology. We will examine (1) the theoretical and methodological origins of modern psychology from within the fields of philosophy and the and the natural sciences of the ancient world and (2) the subsequent development of psychology as the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution brought about further advances in both theory and practice in biology, medicine, astronomy, statistics, and other sciences especially in the 18th and 19th centuries. In particular we will discuss the impact of advances in these scientific fields on theory and practice in psychology and its newly blossoming specialty areas as they began to emerge as an independent field of psychology.For students enrolled in the Psychology Honors Program. Email for permission.

Sister Courses: PSYC489A, PSYC489B, PSYC489C, PSYC489D, PSYC489E, PSYC489F, PSYC489G, PSYC489H, PSYC489I, PSYC489J, PSYC489K, PSYC489L, PSYC489M, PSYC489N, PSYC489P, PSYC489Q, PSYC489R, PSYC489T, PSYC489U, PSYC489V, PSYC489W, PSYC489X, PSYC489Y, PSYC489Z

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