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Expecting an A
skamal 11/07/2008
Hodos is a very nice guy. He's quite funny, and he clearly enjoys teaching. The class is very straight-forward: read the book, come to class, watch a power point, wash, rinse and repeat with two exams in the middle. I fell asleep during his class with relative frequency, but when I managed to stay awake they were generally fairly interesting. He mostly reads right off of the PowerPoint, but from time to time gives an interesting fact. He's very helpful if you ask him a question, and he even devotes an entire class at the beginning of the semester to psychologically-designed study skills. Exams are fairly easy (in PSYC100H, anyway). You have a collction of short answer questions (he gives you fifteen to twenty vocab words and you define eight to ten, with an example for each) and a choice of one of two essays to write. The tests are almost strictly from the book; the short answers are from the vocab in the margins, and the essays are from the chapter/section summaries. He even goes as far as to take off points if you fail to use "enough" answers from the book. This means that coming to class isn't necessary if you're just trying to pass the class, provided you're willing to spend a LOT of time going over the book. (I missed the majority of the classes, and he didn't notice.) Of course, being straight from the book doesn't make them EASY, but it's not too bad. The only assignments in the class are two exams and one final. I'd recommend Hodos, but if you can I'd try to get a class later in the day because I fell asleep in that class pretty frequently. =P

emilyes 11/05/2007
Being an honors class, the class was small and promted small discussions during some lectures. Other than that, mostly just lecturing from a powerpoint. Lecture was pretty interesting; Hodos was able to present the material well and make it easy to understand. He also seems to really enjoy teaching and was always friendly to students. Our exams were all short (1 paragraph) anwers and essays. The short answers were based on all the vocabulary words from the book (all the words from the glossery); he would pick perhaps 8 words and you would have to define 6 of them. This was the only thing that was difficult since there were so many voab words, especially for the final.