Ernesto Calvo

This professor has taught: GVPT429T, GVPT459B, GVPT459H, GVPT459T, GVPT482, GVPT482H, GVPT600, GVPT729A, GVPT729B, GVPT729M, GVPT888P, HONR248Z
Information Review
Ernesto Calvo

Expecting an A
I loved Professor Calvo's class - but it is nothing like any other government class you've likely taken. There's a focus on survey methodology and political psychology in this class, so get ready to explore big concepts like network theory and Qualtrics. Expect little coding, but what code you will have to do is mostly independent work. One minor gripe: no rubrics in sight in this class, but Calvo's a lenient grader so that wasn't an issue for me.