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Expecting an A-
Anonymous 05/26/2020
Dr. Chadwick is a very thorough teacher. His lectures are all handwritten, and his example problems are very helpful for the homework. Exams and quizzes for his class are very fair, and cover whatever he reviews (no trick questions). Dr. Chadwick is still not able to answer questions during his lecture, but go to his office hours since hardly anyone does unless it is before an exam. Discussions are helpful, but really depends on who your TA is.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 02/12/2020
Really good teacher. The lectures/notes flow easily to follow. Dr. Chadwick hand writes everything, and goes through problems and examples of what you are learning to make it easy to understand. Quizes and exams are fair, and accurately reflect what was learned in class. Discussion worksheets are more concept based, and not the most helpful, but the homework and lectures are where the main focus is. Only problem with Dr. Chadwick is that he is not good at answering questions DURING lecture. Go to his office hours (which are underused except before an exam) if you need help. Really chill/easy going teacher.

Anonymous 06/20/2019
Great professor. His exams were very close to his study guides and overall fair. The only complaint I have is that he created a effectively down curved the class by changing the weights on assignments more than half way into the semester. In addition, instead of dropping two assignments (which is what the original syllabus stated), he decided to drop just one.

Expecting a B-
Anonymous 09/06/2018
Chadwick is easily the best Calc 2 teacher. He gives the easiest tests that are simply plug and chug (no theory or proofs). He gave our class a 3% curve as well on top of a semester with an abnormally high gpa average for Math141

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 05/18/2018
The best choice for MATH140-141. His lectures consist of him working out some proofs and doing examples that relate to the WebAssign and his tests. His tests are pretty straight forward and not very hard since he posts his old test. Averages for the exams are around low to mid 80s. He also prepares you well for the final. I ended up getting a solid A on the final exam even though I got a few B's on his test. Overall just a nice guy to.

Expecting a B+
Anonymous 05/05/2018
A true blessing. This man is the best teacher to take for MATH141. He makes the exams incredibly easy. The averages for his classes are on a whole other level than the other classes. And, he seems like a very nice guy.