Jose Cifuentes

This professor has taught: MATH136, MATH140, MATH141H, STAT410, SURV410
Information Review
Jose Cifuentes

Expecting an A+
So I took Professor Rigo because he was the only professor for this class and he did a wonderful job. He basically teaches all the lessons from the book so skipping class is possible (not advised as he thoroughly walks through the problems in class). There is no mandatory homework, but I would highly suggest doing it because it was good practice. This semester we had 2 midterms and a final. For each exam, he gave us a past exam to practice on which was extremely similar to the one he administered to class (so there is literally 0 reason to do poorly in this class). Discussion is mandatory as there is a worksheet and a quiz a week. Overall goated professor, just make sure you're on top of things, and its a guaranteed A.