Zhanna Gerus-Vernola

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eric gabriel 04/08/2015
I've had her for maybe 5 or 6 classes. She's just the best. Laidback but tough when she needs to be and very engaging.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 11/06/2014
One of the best teachers I've had at this school, she is so helpful with her students and even gives you hints on the exams. She is also very generous in her grading, and gives you multiple opportunities when you mess up on tests/projects. The class is naturally a lot of work because it's every day, but she REALLY helps you learn Russian!

Expecting an A
Anonymous 01/05/2013
Zhanna is such a great teacher and sweet person!! She's extremely flexible, helpful, and understanding. As long as you put in at least a little effort into this class, you should get an A. I highly, highly recommend taking Russian with her.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/09/2012
Zhanna is a phenomenal teacher- one of my favorite teachers thus far at UMD. She is incredibly funny and interactive with the students in class. She is extremely helpful and flexible as well. Though the course was intensive, it was a manageable amount of work; as long as you attempt the homework, you'll do very well in this class. Zhanna also went over the homework during class fairly often, which helps. She's awesome- keeps you awake and engaged in class...

Anonymous 05/27/2009
Zhanna is one of the best Russian professors I've had. She's so sweet and patient but she's also really good at explaining things and she makes the class so enjoyable. My only thing is I think sometimes she's too lenient. There are people in the class who definitely got an A or a B without learning anything the whole semester. It's a 5 credit class, but the amount of work is less than that of 3 credit classes I've taken. Pretty much, like any language class really, you can learn as much or as little as you want, and your letter grade doesn't really reflect this. But as a professor and a person, Zhanna is SUPER :-)