Elisa Gironzetti

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Average rating: 2.00

This professor has taught: SPAN311, SPAN422, SPAN425, SPAN611, SPAN625

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Expecting an A
Anonymous 08/06/2018
I enjoyed the class but it was not what the advisor told me it would be. She cares a lot about students and will work with you to help you succeed, but she is demanding.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/17/2018
Terrible professor. Why? 1) Expectations not in line with what most undergraduates can provide 2) Although her expectations are not in line, she does not provide useful feedback to help students improve before their submissions. 3) Dumb assignments. Simulation with Ecuadorians? No reason for this.

Anonymous 05/15/2018
DO NOT TAKE HER OR THIS CLASS. she assigns tons of useless assignments, she is very rude, and she always starts the class early and ends late. there are so many random ELMS pages, it gets very confusing, and she doesn't explain things clearly in class or over email. if you are at all late submitting an assignment, she won't give you partial credit or re-grade the work. all of the projects and homework are arbitrary and pointless, but she gives you a TON of it and expects you to take it all seriously. the business simulation is so stupid and annoying, yet she expects the class to treat it as if you're actually a professional businessperson?? I only missed ONE class and got a B for participation. my grade for the class was an A until ONE missed assignment, which she wouldn't even consider giving me partial credit for, dropped me down. DO NOT TAKE HER FOR SPANISH 422 and i'm guessing she sucks for her other classes, too.