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Expecting an A
Anonymous 03/30/2019
Worst professor I’ve ever had avoid at all costs! Doesn’t do +/- grades so you’re screwed if you’re right below the mark. Lectures are awful and only end up confusing everyone because of the massive disconnect between the content he teaches in class, the homework’s, his exams, and even a disparity between his exams and other professors exams. I would give zero stars if possible.

Anonymous 12/13/2018
Do not take him for 241. The homework assignments he gives do not relate to things that we have done in class. He does not curve even we everyone does poorly. His lectures are dry and he does not explain the content very well. He does not post grades on elms. Overall just a miserable class.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 12/11/2018
Just Horrible

Anonymous 12/21/2017
Pretty good for 411, just makes it hard when his lectures are so different from the book material, and he covers a lot. I didn't learn a ton in lecture, but they were interesting (best to learn the material beforehand which I didn't usually do). He's an engaging guy. Usually nice enough. Exams were pleasantly fair. Nice grading system.

Anonymous 12/17/2017
Possibly the worst professor I have ever had. Hamilton scrawls the lecture material on the blackboard without explaining what the hell he's doing. Not that it matters really, you can hardly hear him anyway and his handwriting is unreadable. He went through the material backwards, so we did difficult chapters like sequences and series first. Several of the chapters were designed to build on each other so it was a mess. I have no fucking clue why the class is structured this way. So many people dropped out that my discussion session shrank from 25 people to maybe 5 on a good day.

Anonymous 12/14/2017
Plain terrible. He gave out an insane amount of Matlab compared to the other teachers, and he is the worst teacher. Only able to do well b/c I took multi in high school.