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Expecting an A-
Anonymous 03/30/2016
I saw all the positive reviews, and thought this is probably how most of my classmates see/saw her. But I didn't have the same experience. She hated me, like I felt like she decided to pick on one student at random to hate for the semester and I was the "lucky" one. None of my classmates understood why either. She was very reluctant to teach me and often would not. I also found that I learned more from the text book and going to tutoring hours than I ever learned or could learned from her. Sometimes it was cool and she would bring us treats and once we went outside. But sometimes her teaching was very unethical. Also beware she will try and change you to a German major if not a minor at all cost, I feel like she gets a bonus of something for it. Her grading wasn't that bad, it was harsh but fair. Don't expect any sympathy or much understanding from her though and she will never coddle you. Which isn't a bad thing, but she isn't a warm or friendly person. Overall you will probably get along with her well enough after some adjustment, unless you are the "lucky" one then good luck, you will need it. If you are just coming into 204 without any previous German classes at UMD don't expect her to be understanding and willing to teach you things because she will just say you should have learned it in a previous class, but the tutoring hours with the TAs help with it.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/16/2013
Excellent at her job. Highly recommend. Language classes can be such a hodgepodge of students. She is great at keeping everyone engaged and focused.

John Snyder 04/06/2013
I took several classes with Regina and would highly recommend her as a teacher. She clearly has a passion for teaching, which makes all the difference when engaging people at varying ability levels simultaneously. Regina is extremely personable and is very good at keeping students interested in the material. This was accomplished by fostering a very open environment, in which all students were highly encouraged to participate. This classroom experience allowed for a constant exchange of ideas and different perspectives. If you are willing to put the effort in and genuinely want to learn, then you will definitely enjoy any class with Regina.

Ben_Austin 03/04/2013
I had German 302 and German 204 with Regina in 2011, and made extraordinary progress during this time thanks to her teaching. Today, two years later, I use the language professionally. We had fascinating reading material, got an excellent overview of German literary history, and had every opportunity to expand our knowledge of the language. As several commenters below have mentioned, she is quite good at managing a class with students on varying German levels so that no one is bored or completely lost. You'll notice that the only negative commenters are people who haven't mastered English; perhaps language learning wasn't their calling. You should take her classes if you are truly interested in learning the language, not if you're just lazily checking boxes on the way to graduation, because you will really be expected to apply yourself. The effort pays dividends, and is also be a genuine enjoyment.

Anonymous 12/20/2012
Regina is a good teacher! I took several German courses before. She is one of my favor, even what she taught me was actually something boring -- german grammar. So when I signed up GERM204, I thought it would be very boring at the beginning. But in fact, you will learn stuffs other than just grammar: german history, fairy tale, music, etc. You will also see she has well prepared for the topics she teach you in class. Regina did have a high standard for students, but that’s because she want you to challenge yourself. She would patiently pick up your mistakes in your writing assignment. That’s because she wants you to learn from your mistakes. Frankly, her reviews on my writing assignments helped me become more confident in writing german. Regina is fair in grading. She will talk with each student personally after the midterm exam. Tell you what to do to improve your grading. I think she is a good teacher!

Expecting an A
Anonymous 11/12/2012
Regina is a very knowledgeable and passionate person who very obviously loves her subject and is an expert at teaching it. She gets openly excited about certain topics in class and her excitement is contagious. She also goes great lengths to make sure she is always available to give extra help or a few words of advice. Know though that while she is absolutely fair, she does expect you to apply yourself in class. You'll have to earn your grade whether you're fluent or can barely pronounce Scheiße. On that note though, she does take into account your current level, not punishing those that arn't quite as far, but are doing their best and not letting those that are quite good just glide by. Also, as a side note, Regina's background just makes her more awesome. She speaks at least three languages fluently and is truly a global citizen who's seen quite a lot. A fascinating woman and a great teacher, take Regina for the course or at least get to know her. You won't regret it.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 11/08/2012
Regina is a great teacher- I'm very surprised to see negative reviews. First of all, although her ethnicity should be irrelevant, I thought her background really benefited the class because she provided some really interesting perspectives about what it was like to grow up in a Soviet state, which is definitely important to understand if you want to fully understand modern German history. She tries so hard to make sure everyone understands the material. There was definitely a wide range of language abilities in the class and she did her best to make sure everyone was accommodated. I wish every teacher were more like her.

Expecting an A
szehmer89 11/07/2012
I took two courses with Regina, GERM322 and German 302. Regina does have high standards for her students, but I must say Regina is very concerned about her students understanding of the material and will always make time if a student requests it. If I had a question or didn't understand a concept, she would always help me. Her lectures are never boring and you can tell she enjoys teaching. They are well researched and she made them interesting. She also has a great sense of humor and is a very happy person (which makes going to class fun). I am shocked to read the negative reviews since they personally attack her. They could not be farther from the truth and I sense jealously behind them. In sum, I would highly recommend taking a course with Regina!

tah89 11/02/2012
Regina was one of the best German teachers I ever had. She spoke and taught German extremely well and was truly passionate about all of her subject material. The German literature she chose was always interesting to read, and she was really good at being available for office hours or after class for extra help. Class participation is very important to her because she wants to make sure people are really learning and comprehending the material. Her classes are not easy, expect to earn your grade! But there is no reason you shouldn't be able to succeed if you put in the effort. Also it just needs to be said that the fact that she is Russian is irrelevant and the idea that she hates Germans is honestly crazy.

rundfunk13 11/02/2012
Regina is a great teacher. She has a firm handle on the material and high expectations for her students. She is very nice and open to feedback, and she grades fairly. She also has a strong passion for the language, which shines through in her lessons. I took both 302 and 322 with Regina, so I got to see her teaching both a Conversation and Composition class and a Literature class. The best thing about Regina was that she pushed me to potential when I honestly wasn't working as hard as I could have been in the literature. She encouraged me to put more effort into class preparation and studying, and it really paid off for me. I feel like it was a lesson I needed at the time, and my German improved as a direct result. I wish other teachers had pushed me similarly! You do need to come prepared to class (when don't you?), but what you need to have is spelled out in her syllabus. Overall I was glad to take Regina's classes and they helped prepare me for studying abroad.

Anonymous 11/02/2012
Regina is a great teacher for anyone to have, and it is shocking to me to find negative reviews for her on this site. She was one of the nicest teachers I've had in any of my classes here: always understanding of circumstances, willing to help with any problems you have, and fair with regard to what she expects out of the class. When I had her for 322, it was plain that there were a few people in the class on a higher proficiency level in German than others, but she worked around that very well . Yes, she does expect the basics - attendance, attention, participation, and work/reading to be done before class - but she is not harsh about it and when you don't have the fully-correct answer to a question at first asking, she will help try to guide you to the answer if it looks like you have the idea. Even at the times where our class was not-so-good and hadn't done our reading or work as asked, she remained remarkably patient with us. The German department at UMD is stocked full of great TAs and professors, and Regina is definitely one of them.

Anonymous 10/09/2012
Well, Regina is a very incompetent teacher. I know her well (former classmate of mine). She sure doesn't know what she is talking about and I am shocked that she is really teaching. I remember several classes with her. Fact is, that she is very nervous because she doesn't know her teaching material well. I am sorry to say this, but I don't really think that you guys will learn intense enough. Yes, she is not German she is Russian and honestly I really don't understand why she is teaching German knowing that she shows hatred toward the German nation. She can be very nice, but I don't think that this characteristic will help you in your studies. Sorry, that I can't give any positive annotations.

Jfoster6 09/15/2011
Germ203 is by no means an easy class, but for those interested in the German language it will be a lot of fun. The grammar and vocabulary you learn is incredibly useful.  Asking for directions, checking in at a hotel and even current events are just some of the topics you will learn.  I took the class during the summer, it was  2 hours a day for 4 days a week for 6 weeks. It was more of a German203 bootcamp rather than a class, but it was truly the most fun I have had in any class. I also learned so much in a very short amount of time. The amount of work was a lot, but once you get used to the workload it made learning the material much easier.  Regina Ianozi was a great professor and made the 2+ hours everyday fun and interactive. The small class size made it an excellent learning environment.  I was honestly sad when the class was over, it was truly a great experience. I highly recommend taking this class, especially during the summer, if you are interested in German or need a language class. It is an interesting language that is quite similar to English. The class teaches useful things that anyone interested in visiting or living in a german-speaking country could most definitely use. 

Expecting a B+
Anonymous 05/30/2011
Regina is a sweet person. She just can't always convey the more difficult topics in a way we will understand them, like passive voice or challenging modal sentence constructions. My class was good at participating, so she liked us. She does expect you to know the chapter's material and vocab before class, so be prepared and do the relevant homework beforehand. She always told us when we would have quizzes, and we always knew what to expect on the tests. She took exercises straight from the book! I never could finish the essay part of the tests due to time, so know the chapters well to breeze through the exercises. I'm really shocked to get a B+, considering she never posts anything on elms, but she is a fair, even lenient grader.

Expecting a C
PossePrincess 11/08/2010
I found Ina to be unhelpful. We had quizzes almost every day, and she would expect us to come in knowing the material for the new chapters. Her tests were too long for us to finish on time, and while she gave us extra time, it was stressful to have to rush. I did poorly on both tests, despite understanding the topics, and doing well on the homework and in-class exercises. She is open to suggestions though, and wants us to do well, so it's like she just doesn't know how to properly teach us grammar, or prepare us for her exams. Hopefully, she will ease up on us by the end of the semester, because most of us are struggling in what should not be a horribly difficult class.

Expecting an A
ajs1021 04/29/2010
A truly professional and nice teacher, but does have high expectations when it comes to being punctual and prepared for class. Tests are usually easy and she grades fairly.

Anonymous 01/22/2010
HORRIBLE TEACHER! Firstly, shes not even a professor, she's just a TA that has too much power and little teaching skills to be giving grades. She is so insecure about her teaching skills. She stutters so much b/c she is nervous and then gets angry at the class if you dont participate. She doesnt know what she is talking about, and is very biased towards Germans. Its like she doesnt like them, but yet teaches a GERM class. (oh btw she is not german).Then she doesnt tell you what is due for homework until two days before it is due. NO organized syllabus! She would email the class on Sunday night what was due for homework on the folowing Tuesday. Also, she would extend class 10-15mins every day cause she never kept track of time. Totally selfish, like ppl dont have more classes than hers. Then the lecture consists of her reading from a powerpoint WORD FOR WORD! Take Moyer for this class, she knows her stuff, she is very confident, she speaks Germ beautifully and she gives you a syllabus with the homework for throughout the semester. Iaonzi is just a nervous reck that needs to pick a different career!