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Expecting a B
Anonymous 12/07/2015
Dr. La is a pretty good professor. He teaches pretty well and sets a pretty large curve for the class, which he usually ends up lowering. The curve started at an 80% for an A, which was then lowered to a 75%. His tests can be hard, but from what I've heard of other 322 classes, all of the tests are hard. He tells you that he will only assign homework every other week with around 4 problems on them, but he has consistently been giving us homework every week with 6-8 problems on it, which are very time consuming. Also, for the first two midterms he gave us homeworks which covered material that was going to be on the test and set the due date to after the midterm, which meant we didn't have the solutions to study from. Overall I'd say Dr. La is a good backup to Papamarcou if you can't get him.