Maria Lekic

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Expecting an A
Anonymous 03/27/2018
Maria Lekic is a good professor overall. While her classes for 301 and 302 can be a bit unstructured at times, if you follow the material and go to her office hours for help, you will definitely get a lot out of the classes. She also sometimes brings snacks to class for the students on Russian holidays or when she comes back from travelling!

Katja 03/30/2014
Dr. Lekic is the best teacher I've ever had in my academic career. She understands exactly what foreign and native speakers have trouble with in Russian and exactly how to address them and teach. She's very kind and funny to boot, and really cares about her students. She genuinely wants you to learn, not try to make her class impossible. Take any class with her you can.

Expecting an A
bcolema1 05/16/2011
Dr. Lekic is an amazing teacher. Sure, her lectures can be boring at times because she is rather quiet and you somewhat need to be interested in what she is talking about when it comes to 19th century Russian literature. Nonetheless, just like all of the other classes in the Russian department, if you display your genuine interest in the material and your grade- achieving a good grade is relatively easy. Overall, I loved Dr. Lekic. She is a very sweet and kind woman with a lot of power in the Russian academic world- I definitely recommend taking any of her classes!