Dinesh Manocha

This professor has taught: CMSC756, CMSC818N, ENEE350, ENEE351, ENEE769M, ENSE799
Information Review
Dinesh Manocha

Expecting an A
Do not take this class with professor Manocha. He does an even worse job than Kruskal for CMSC351 in terms of lecturing. He just reads off of slides and just expects you to be able to magically visualize extremely difficult topics on the fly. He even reads off complex time complexity derivations from the slides and expect you to understand. He mentions concepts in complete abstractions and whenever you ask him to show an example or draw the concept out to get a better understanding, he does not do it. For those who have a little bit of knowledge about learning algorithms, you will realize how important it is to draw things out when talking about graphs and recursion trees; he does none of it. You need to spend a lot of time outside of class to teach the material. His homeworks are incredibly long and tedious, and students in class mentioned how they spent 20 hours on average on each homework. The math and proof that is involved in those problems is something that the prerequisite classes do not teach, and which he expects you to know.