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Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/23/2019
Probably the best professor I've ever had at UMD. I had taken ENEE322 in spring 2018, and he definitely still cared about his students. He was the only professor I've had do a survey half way through the class to see how he was doing as a professor. He's also the only professor who provides the homework solutions with the homework so that you can use it as a guide to figure out difficult problems, get full credit on the homework, and use it to study for the exam. There was a curve as well. The exams are very difficult, but very fair (there was only one trick problem on the final exam that was explicitly reviewed in the review session that I couldn't attend).

Anonymous 05/24/2018
The old reviews were far from his most recent teaching performance. This professor does not teach well and does not care about his students. His exams are extremely hard and he does not curve.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 02/06/2015
Marcus was a great professor. He genuinely tries to cater to the needs of his students. He even gave us a survey mid-semester to gauge how he could improve the class for the remainder of the semester. He also provides a lot of material to study from. For most exams, he has 4+ previous exams with solutions written out. His exams are difficult, but not impossible given the resources that are available. Homework is given with solutions, so it is up to you to decide whether you need the practice.

Expecting an A
taqtaq 05/23/2014
He is by far the smartest, most helpful and interesting professor I've had at UMD. His exams are tough but fair. He has homework available online along with the solutions and the exams are based on material covered on homework. I took him for 322 and 324 and he was a wonderful teacher. Plenty of office hours, and his office hours are actually fun. Definitely take him.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 05/15/2014
Marcus is a very good professor that sets up the class for us to do well. He posts the homework and solutions at the same time so you get immediate feedback, which is nice because the homework problems would have been impossible without the solutions. But don't just blindly copy from the homework solutions, because you don't learn the material. He explains the material pretty well and VERY responsive to student feedback. He is one of the nicest and most dedicated professors when it comes to teaching. Exams aren't easy but aren't too terribly difficult if you work MIT sample exams. The grade distribution was scattered all over the place with averages in the 50's-60s. He tends to throw one or two problems from the homework or recitations. The exams are “doable” but sometimes they are long for the time given. I feel like they were hard to prepare for but just work a ton of problems to the point where you can approach a problem without really thinking how to do it. You really need to put in the time to do well. He is definitely one of the better professors in the ECE department, but you need to take advantage of the resources he provides/suggests to do well. Just don't make the mistake that just because he's very nice and responsive to student concerns means mean he will curve a lot; he doesn't