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Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/15/2015
Dr. Roesch is a great professor. The material (learning and behavior) isn't the most interesting unless you're a fan of neuroscience, but he makes it easy enough to understand and learn. The course isn't too difficult, as long as you pay attention. Attendance isn't mandatory, but there are in-class activities that help you understand the material and are a part of your grade. The exams are okay; you definitely have to study, but it's mostly memorization. He is more than willing to help you if you don't understand something. He also shows a lot of pictures of his golden retriever, which is awesome. Overall, I'd recommend this course.

Anonymous 12/20/2013
Don't get me wrong, the professor is a great guy. But the course is for what it is worth at times very dry and boring. The material-wise the course likely is one of the most useful a psych and behavioral neuroscience major can take. However his examples on more than one occasion suck, he goes very fast in class, and his tests are hard. In the end I'd say take it because it's a good course. But be prepared to be self-motivating and stare at his powerpoints for prolonged periods of time until they 'click'.

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 05/09/2013
Matt is my Gemstone team mentor, and he is a great guy to work with. He gave a guest lecture in BSCI338N on addiction, and his lecture was by far the most informative and entertaining of all the guest lectures. He is very patient and approachable, so my advice to his future students is this: go to his office hours, because he will drop anything he is doing to help you out.