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Expecting an A
Anonymous 01/04/2016
Professor Scham is very helpful in terms of sending out emails with a lot of detailed information and links on them. The lectures are not very helpful in my view, as he speaks extremely slowly and the powerpoints don't have a lot of good information to copy down, but there was one or two pop quizzes, so you should go anyways. Discussion is very helpful, though. There was a lot of writing in this class, and it was back loaded towards the end of things, but there were also extra credit opportunities, so it wasn't all bad.

Expecting an A-
dk7 12/12/2014
Professor Scham is a very smart dude, but his lectures were not the strong part of the course. If you were lucky like me, you will get Andrew Chadwick as your TA. Andrew is what made the class worth it in the end. Scham can crack a solid joke here and there, and its important to understand that while you can do much better than this class, you can also do much worse

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/23/2010
Dr. Scham is the head of the Israel Studies department. He in tenured, a very smart man, and comes laden with high awards and credentials. Unfortunately, Dr. Scham has some sort of medical malady that prevents him from being an affective or dynamic lecturer. He speaks very slowly and with a bit of a stutter. Class time was often painful, and highly soporific. He teaches a lot of the Israel Studies courses, and it is easy to do well if you do the readings and prepare for the exams and papers as you would in any other class. However, be warned: there is a lot of academic reading that is often verbose and difficult to understand. He offered a lot of extra credit for this class which really brought up a lot of people's grades. He also is more than willing to meet in his office to go over things. He is a nice guy, but often gets frustrated if people seem uninterested or don't participate in class. Is you read, understand the material, participate, and ask questions, he will like you and grade you favorably. Bottom line, he's not great. So don't rush to take him. But if you need to take an ISRL course and it seems mildly interesting, it wouldn't be the worse thing to take him.