Selected Topics in History; The Right in Israel: A Historical Examination

Cross-listed with ISRL448D. Credit granted for ISRL448D or HIST428V. Israel has clearly moved towards the political Right during the last 30 years. This seminar will explore the history of that movement, beginning before Israel became a state with the Revisionist movement and its offshoots. We will focus primarily on post-1967, examining the religious and non-religious movements and parties that have advocated a Greater Israel up to the present. No previous knowledge of Israeli history required. Contact instructor for more information.

Sister Courses: HIST428A, HIST428B, HIST428D, HIST428E, HIST428F, HIST428G, HIST428I, HIST428J, HIST428K, HIST428M, HIST428N, HIST428O, HIST428P, HIST428Q, HIST428R, HIST428W, HIST428Z

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