James Seward

This professor has taught: BMGT340, BMGT340H, BMGT440, BMGT446, BUFN712, BUFN750, BUFN751, BUFN752, BUSI640, BUSI740, BUSM610, BUSM741, BUSO758G
Information Review
James Seward

Great professor! A little bit dense in capacity but very clear concept in class. Decent course workload. A professor you can really learn from his class. One thing need to mention is a very strict grading. So you try hard and work good, your grade willbe better than those not as hard work guys.
James Seward

Great professor! He makes concepts super easy to follow and understand, he is funny, and its obvious he cares about his job and his students. I would totally recommend taking his class. Imo his lectures are interesting and make me excited about the material.