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Anonymous 07/23/2019
Took it over the summer. Excellent professor. His lectures are clear, and make sense if you really pay attention. Exams, I thought were decent if you paid attention in class, and knew what was up. Along with being good at teaching, he was quite funny, and enjoyable to listen to. Would recommend definitely.

soulelite 09/30/2016
Favorite honors EE course I've taken. The professor makes the class very funny, while still teaching at a fast pace. We did extra material not in 350 for the last 3 weeks. I think he teaches 350 the right way by making it more hardware oriented as opposed to Silio/Oruc making their courses very assembly programming heavy. This way, EE majors won't be at a disadvantage to CE majors. Definitely recommend taking this guy for 350.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 01/31/2014
Srivastava is pretty good at explaining the material. The workload is pretty light since there little homework. Sometimes you have no idea if what you doing on a homework or exam is right, but Srivastava is somewhat generous with partial credit if you justify enough.

Expecting an A
koffe55 01/13/2014
Good professor. He teaches the honors version of the course very differently from other professors - there was almost nothing my class had in common with Oruc / Silio / Barua. Very little assembly programming, which could be a plus for some people. I almost wish we did more than our single (one hour) assignment. He gives out almost no homework, which can be frustrating when you find yourself equipped with so few practice problems to use for studying before a test.

Anonymous 12/18/2012
Cool guy. The class is in my opinion the most straightforward of the 300-levels and if you're a CE it'll be even easier. Lectures are interesting enough, very few homework assignments and they are quite short. The tests are fair and emphasize problem-solving over memorizing concepts. You don't really have to study for them if you pay attention in class.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 11/21/2011
Srivastava is great! He is a very interesting dude and always has cool anecdotes to add to the class. The bottom line though, is that he is just a solid teacher. You will learn the most important material from him as he cuts out all the stupid stuff that Oruc does. Homeworks are kind of annoying, but fairly straightforward and he doesn't give very many of them. Exams are tough, but fair.

sashah 12/13/2010
I, like most people, only review professors I really hate on this site, so for a change I thought I'd review a professor I actually liked. Srivastava is the kind of professor who definitely shows a passion for the teaching computer organization. I find this to be a rare quality among professors in the engineering department, many of whom act like teaching is a collateral responsibility for getting funded research. Srivastava makes it a point to make sure every student in the class understands a topic before moving forward. I know this is only feasible because of the small class size of an honors section, but that trait gives me lots of respect for him. I can honestly say he is the ONLY professor from whom I pretty much learned everything during lecture, using the textbook only as a supplementary resource. In all my classes it's the other way around. Yes his exams can be difficult, but I think the depth of his questions is commensurate with the detail he goes into during lecture, so if you pay attention you should be fine. The only complain I have against him, which may sound ironic, is that he doesn't give enough homework. We only had 5 assignments throughout the semester, and each one took about 30 minutes to complete - unheard of for an engineering class. Why is this bad? Because I feel homework is the best way to get a grasp of the material. I feel so much more confident about a topic after I just did a rigorous problem set on it. Sure you can say one could do their own problems sets, but honestly, no one does that. So other than that complaint, I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/19/2009
He is a bad teacher even he seems to be a nice professor. he taught very easy materials in the class and gave very tough questions in the exam without notification. Moreover he kept giving book exercises as exam questions. Some students knows(guesses) it and definitely take advantages out of it since the exam is open book exam and the textbook solution is available online. It definitely is not fair for all the students. He also had no syllabus, so you do not know materials in advance and you have no idea how he will calculate the grade (you do not know the weights of homework, test scores). I also agreed with previous comments: "The class itself had plenty of potential but the professor expected a tremendous amount from the students but would not actually teach the material that he expected us to understand." Anyway, it is a bad experience. I will not recommend him as your professor.

Anonymous 05/18/2009
He was completely disinterested in teaching the course, admitted to stealing another professor's slides and never showed up to class prepared. Was constantly asking the students to answer questions but would personally attack the students verbally if they were wrong. The class itself had plenty of potential but the professor expected a tremendous amount from the students but would not actually teach the material that he expected us to understand, especially the proofs that he never once touched in class but expected us to gather from the slides that he was continually telling us were incorrect. He was ok for 350 but for 644 he was really bad.

vbury 02/25/2009
ENEE244 is hard, but he keeps his lectures interesting. You need to keep up with the work, though, because his tests can be brutal. Luckily, the curve can save you. I personally failed the second exam and still wound up with an A-. Overall, from what I've heard, DEFINITELY better than Silio.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/19/2008
He's one of the best professors I've ever had, you should definitely take him for 350.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 12/12/2007
He's a cool guy...Always kept class kinda fun and interesting. But he is serious about the class learning his stuff. Pretty tough - the average on the first exam was a 40% - but he was fair and curved accordingly. I would def recommend him over Silio ANYDAY...