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Expecting a C-
Anonymous 05/18/2019
Fantastic at teaching, I'm just bad at Orgo. She's a great professor, and has interesting ways at explaining complex subjects. There's not too much out-of-class work, so long as you understand what's going on. Her tests are Time Dependent, as in; You WILL run out of time. The Final wasn't time restricted, however, so less stress there.

Anonymous 01/28/2019
Good professor.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 11/20/2018
Love her! One of the best chem teachers I have ever had. Chem is hard so the class is still difficult but she makes it bearable

Expecting an A
mye 08/14/2018
Amazing professor. She's super nice, teaches material well, and cares about her students. Go to office hours and look at past exams and you'll be set. Also DO HER PROBLEM SETS!!!!