Mohammad Nayeem Teli

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Average rating: 3.67

This professor has taught: CMSC131, CMSC250, CMSC320, CMSC351, CMSC426

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Expecting an A+
Anonymous 10/10/2019
Energetic and caring professor, but very sloppy. If you're after rigor, don't take Teli. He spends far more time in lecture reviewing algebra than teaching computer science, and when he does get around to explaining some theory, he mostly just waves his hands. That being said, he is likely an easy A. Take that as you will.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 10/01/2019
Great, engaging lecturer who put an emphasis on applying the algorithms. Also covered some algorithms not in Kruskal's. Funny guy who is easy to talk to. Curved about 8-10%

Expecting a B+
Anonymous 05/20/2019
Spring 19' was the first semester Teli didn't just use all of Kruskal's materials. The lectures were straightforward and the exams were fair and manageable.

Anonymous 04/11/2019
Terrible teacher, please avoid him. the courses are mess and exam are ridiculous. midterms are easy but final exam isn't the same level as the midterm.

Expecting a B-
Anonymous 04/06/2019
Class is a mess, but thats 351 for ya. Teli is a good lecturer though and seems to car about his students.

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 02/14/2019
He was the best professor of CMSC131 at the semester I took it. He is a nice guy. He allows using laptops for taking notes. He answers questions from the class. He is good at explaining various concepts clearly, using terminologies. Only he is not very good at making analogies. If you consider analogies essential for explaining concepts in computer science, you may not like his explanations.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 12/25/2018
Mohammad is a solid lecturer. He co-taught with Kruskal (same homeworks, tests, everything), so if you're looking to escape Kruskal, taking Mohammad won't help. He's a very nice guy and usually explains the material clearly and is well prepared. I also felt like he improved his lecturing over the course of the semester (this was his first semester at UMD). The course is terribly managed and run, but that's the fault of the TAs and Kruskal. If you go to lectures and put time and effort into fully understanding the homeworks and study for the exams, you should be OK on the exams.

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 12/23/2018
He's a pretty good lecturer, explains concepts fairly clearly. His lecture style is writing out math with a pen on a document camera, so sometimes it gets messy with corrections/multiple pages. That being said, he does make a bunch of mistakes during class that take a while for him to catch, but overall he's good.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 11/20/2018
Professor Nayeem is pretty good. He's always willing to answer questions and speaks in a clear voice. Occasionally, it seems as if he accidentally leaves out small details that are important to the concept he is explaining. I'd recommend that if you take him, don't be afraid to ask questions and keep doing so until you understand the concept, he is very approachable.