Arpita Upadhyaya

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Expecting a C
Anonymous 05/02/2018
shes a fine teacher. seems to want to help if she can

Expecting a B
Anonymous 12/19/2011
I didn't pay attention in class, so I'm not going to rate the teacher. She's a nice lady and she goes through her powerpoints in class. Here's the breakdown: Homework- 10% Quizzes- 10% First Exam- 15% Second Exam- 15% Third Exam- 15% Lab Reports (free points) -10% Final Exam- 25% I learned from reading the book doing the homework. The quizzes are straightfoward, and easy if you study. For each exam, you get a notecard, but its pretty much filled with formulas. Exams are variations on homework problems. If you know how to use the formulas, you're set for the most part.

Expecting an A
zhangsta 12/23/2010
She's a really nice lady and will pretty much tell you what to do. Also a pretty easy grader. She'll also hold a review session before the practical where you can pretty much go and write down notes on how to do everything on the practical.