Juan Uriagereka

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Expecting an A
Anonymous 04/25/2018
Juan is probably one of the smartest people I have ever had lecture me. At times, the lecture can be pretty confusing, but he is a wonderful person with an astonishingly wide breadth of knowledge and is great at leading discussions. He's pretty funny too.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 05/18/2010
Juan is not a good teacher but he is a phenomenal discussion leader. He knows what he is talking about but he cannot teach because he is too smart to explain the main ideas of the class. Half the time the TA for this class had to intervene and save us from being totally and completely lost. Also, in his syllabus participation is only 10%, but do not let this fool you. He has no method for recognizing participation, and if he 'feels' like you didn't talk enough, he will drop you an entire letter grade.