Allan Yashinski

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Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/04/2019
God tier. Easy to understand; presents theorems followed by examples. Midterms are mostly straightforward with one or two fun, more challenging problems. Interesting material.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 04/06/2019
Really good lecturer, kinda funny. Exams are pretty easy as long as you study.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 12/11/2018
Great professor. Funny and engaging, explains concepts very well and is fair with grading and exam questions. I wish midterms had more time but what can you do? I feel like I really understood linear algebra from the way he taught it. I know his style isn't best for everyone, but his style was perfect for me.

Expecting a B+
Anonymous 12/31/2017
Teaching: He's a great teacher, explains concepts well, pretty much on par with the required textbook. Chill guy. Format: There are two midterms. The second one is harder than the first. The difficulty with getting an A in this class is the true false questions. A lot of them are similar to his optional homework problems, but there are so many of them to study that most people end up losing points on the true and false. I got a 93 on the first exam and a B- on the second one due to mainly true and false errors. I ended up with a B+ in the course, since the final was hard. The weekly quizzes are easy and based off of examples quickly taught in lectures, even though they're supposed to be based off of the optional homework. The matlab projects are very straightforward. The hard part is the exams. Since there is so much material to cover, its very easy to forget important varieties of problems, some of which you may have hardly seen which surprisingly appear on exams. MATLAB Projects 15% Quizzes 15% Midterm Exams 40% Final Exam 30%